Closed Insan (Human) film festival 12th July 2012

An aid project by y. al deek in Ramallah, Palestinian Territory

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y. al deek (Project Manager)

y. al deek
Palestine International human rights film Festival


In order to induce positive change in today’s societies, youth need to be given the chance to express their views and needs through the appropriate means. Cinema is an important tool in today’s hi-tech societies and allowing people to use that tool can enhance creativity, openness, and positive change.
An international human rights film festival taking place in Palestine can open new doors of communication with other cultures. Other than the fact that it could shed the light on issues that are comunity oriented, it would help enhance the notion of acceptance of the other, forgiveness, and compassion between nations and people

We want to celebrate distinctiveness through the world of cinema and utilize it as a tool of positive communication between the nations and the people. Our mission is to develop and enhance local and regional young talents in media arts that would help develop the media industry at the different levels.
We see the Festival develops as an important yearly event that leads to a distinct, diversified, and solid cultural about human rights in Palestine .
Festival Objectives
• Enable young talents in Palestine to develop their media and arts skills in filmmaking through training, consulting, and coaching.
• Be able to help young filmmakers to direct, produce and market their work.
• Introduce the Palestinian society to regional and international films directed or produced by youth to enhance exposure to other cultures and filmmaking techniques.
• Emphasize openness and dialogue between cultures along with the exposure to universal issues introduced in the different films and the ways each culture deals with it.
• Encourage young female artists and filmmakers and enable them to achieve better quality and better distribution of their films.
• Help develop the filmmaking industry in Palestine and the region.
• Offer young artists from Palestine and the region a new cultural and dependable podium to express their views and problems.
• Indirectly, our objective is to create a new tool for youth to enhance social change in their societies.
• Create a youth filmmaking network locally, regionally, and internationally to exchange experience and expertise.
Festival time frame
The human rights film Festival is intended to be a 6 day event,
We are aiming to have the first festival in June 23rd 2011.

Target filmmakers
• Palestinian, and international filmmakers.
Target films
Target Audience
• Palestinian film makers
• Arab and international fim makers
• Regional and International funders/ producers/filmmakers/media stations
• Social youth and cultural NGO’s
• Relevant authorities and ministries
• Local, regional, and international press and media
• The general public

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Location: Ramallah, Palestinian Territory

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