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A makerspace for Northern Ghana

Tamale, Ghana

A Makerspace (simple robotics and IoT lab) helps young potential entrepreneurs in Northern Ghana to develop sustainable solutions for the problems in the region.

H. Hartung from Vorbachmühle Weikersheim e.V.
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We from the association Vorbachmühle Weikersheim e.V. are impressed by the committed, creative and meaningful work of the HOPin Academy in Tamale, in the North of Ghana.
How HOPin describes itself:
We are a social enterprise founded in Tamale, Ghana in 2013 by a team of young people in Northern Ghana who wanted to build a community space where entrepreneurial people can come together to exchange ideas and build something big or small! 7 years later, we have grown to a leadership team of 5 people, and we even have an advisory board of experts who accompany us from abroad.
The North of Ghana, where we are based, lives mainly from agriculture. We challenge our entrepreneurs to find innovative solutions to solve some of the challenges faced by small farmers. Currently, some of our start-ups have developed ideas and even prototypes with the help of IoT to solve the ongoing effects of climate change on agriculture in Ghana. 
However, we do not have sufficient equipment and infrastructure to develop and implement solutions. We love to use technology whenever we can, so we are now focusing on providing workshops and training on IoT (Internet of Things) and robotics for our community, from which our community can learn. We already host annual bootcamps where people can learn more about IoT and build their systems with materials and technologies we already have access to. By combining simple devices, we hope to create our own solutions here in Tamale! A donation from you or your friends would help to make this happen!

Three short Youtube videos of our dedicated work, the successes and the very satisfied participants of our courses: