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A project from International Delphic Council/ IDC
in Berlin, Germany

We want to set a sign and have a dialog with young people and adults. A look at Europe's future. Exchange, creativity, positioning for peace, diversity and cohesion in Europe. Come to the Workshops & Round Tables!

Christian Kirsch
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About this project

75 years after the end of World War II and in the context of Germany's EU Council Presidency 2/20, we want to set a sign together and invite you to the exhibition, workshops and round tables with politicians and artists.
At a historic place, the Schönhausen Palace in Berlin-Pankow, the focus is on the importance of art & culture for peaceful dialogue. An exchange between the generations. Stories that tell history. How do we want to shape the future? 
In order to be able to organize these meetings, we still need numerous donations. As a non-profit organization, we are involved on a voluntary basis, but have to bear the expenses of the events. Every donation helps!