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Closed Donate a coffee! Your 2 euro will enable education in Ghana!

Mampong, Ghana

We are all "in the same boat" and through your 2 euros donation unemployed young people in Ghana receive a CHANCE for a three year apprenticeship. These young people come from poor families, and are often disadvantaged girls or young women.

Susanne Sponholz from Opportunity International Deutschland
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Everyone is affected by the crisis, and some of our project countries are feeling the effect of lockdowns heavily. In such a situation, the value of a small cup of coffee can bring real hope.  

What can 2 euros achieve?

2 euros can achieve a lot! If many people donate 2 euros each, then one or more poor young people receive the opportunity to be trained in Ghana! -->


An extremely large number of young people in Ghana are struggling to find work. Born in poverty, they have no chance to learn a profession - because an apprenticeship costs money.

These young people are often unemployed. At best they fight for survival as street vendors or day labourers and without hope they are stuck in poverty. 
In the Youth Apprenticeship Program (YAP) of Opportunity International Germany, unemployed young people in Ghana are given a three-year professional training course in a craft trade. The participants of the program come from poor families: Young people who were forced to drop out of school early because of a lack of money or were unable to complete an apprenticeship after leaving school. 

Without any professional training, these young people face a future with no chances or hope for a good future – this especially affects disadvantaged young women.

The young people of the YAP program are apprenticed as hairdressers, tailors, car mechanics, metalworkers, carpenters, bricklayers, welders or painters to only name a few. After completing the state-approved training, many participants are taken on by their trainers, find another job or start their own business with an interest-free-start-up loan. Well trained, these people have a real chance of a secure future.

Provide 25 young people with this professional training. 

Participate with a "coffee donation" of 2€ and share the project in your network by passing it onto your friends, colleagues and the community. 

Together we can achieve a big goal with a small contribution. 
With your support we can help even more young people out of poverty. 

Thank you for your support and kindness! 

Of course, at the beginning of next year you will automatically receive a donation receipt from betterplace.
Since 2009, we have so far enabled more than 2,100 poor young people to receive an apprenticeship. Our goal is that we will give over 2,500 people this chance by 2025!