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We are building a mobile music studio for youth work.

A project from Turning Tables Deutschland gUG
in Berlin, Germany

The NGO Turning Tables organizes music and film workshops and provides open creative spaces to disadvantaged and marginalized youth worldwide. We encourage young people to express their fears, hopes, and wishes through music and film.

Laura Homann
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About this project

Turning Tables is a small international non-governmental organization with independent country offices in Denmark, Sweden, Myanmar, Kenya, Lebanon, Jordan, Colombia and Germany. 

We work in various hot spots around the world to strenghten the voices of young people. By building and commissioning mobile music and film studios, we have been creating spaces for art and creative communication in both crisis-ridden and socially deprived areas since 2009. 

We bring together young people from different backgrounds worldwide and encourage them to express their worries, hopes and dreams in music and film in an artistic and self-determined way. This includes mobile phone films with newly arrived refugees in Greece, support services for homeless youth in Kenya, intensive music courses in meeting places in Jordan and Lebanon, a nationwide competition with training camps and a final music festival in Myanmar, as well as music, film and photo workshops in Danish homeless and asylum centres, small towns in Brandenburg and secondary schools in Berlin. 

Through close cooperation with strategically important partners and actors from civil society and business, these approaches and experiences are now to be implemented in a German context and made increasingly usable and accessible. 

We are now building a mobile music studio that can be used throughout Germany. For this we need your support! Thank You!

If we do not reach the campaign´s goal we will invest your donations for music production software and equipment for the Turntable Lab.