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Donation for the Canoe-Polo-Team of Buxtehude for a custom team uniform

Buxtehude, Germany

We are looking for donors to fund a custom team uniform. Copy the link to get an idea of canoe polo:

Cora Flämig/ Marc Rochow from Buxtehuder Kanu Verein e.V.
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In this way we would like to introduce you to our big passion, the exotic sport canoe polo.

Canoe polo is a teamsport, each team has five players on the pitch (and up to three substitutes), who compete to score in their opponent's goal, which is suspended two metres above the water. The ball can be thrown by hand, or flicked with the paddle to pass between players and shoot at the goal. Pitches can be set up in swimming pools or any stretch of flat water. 

Canoe polo combines boating and ball handling skills with a contact team game, where tactics and positional play are as important as the speed and fitness of the individual athletes. The game requires excellent teamwork and promotes both general canoeing skills and a range of other techniques unique to the sport.

We have attached a video of us. You will surely understand why we are so excited about this dynamic sport.
Click the link:

We are currently playing in the league of the Hamburger-Kanuverband and we are also involved in many other tournaments throughout Germany. Last year even some of our players were already playing for a first league team from Hamburg at the German Championships. 

We are looking for donors for a uniform team clothing and hope for your support.

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