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O:Wi - Open Ecological Economy

A project from WiWi - Verein für Wirtschaftskunst Berlin e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

OPEN regenerative DESIGN: transparent material cycles

L. Zimmermann
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About this project

O:Wi - Open Ecological Economy
OPEN regenerative DESIGN

Regenerative Design (also known als cradle to cradle design) is the concept of endless recyclable products – how can we design our products in a way that they could always be used as rich ever growing ressource mines for our futures? There are a lot of cradle to cradle projects and efforts out there but most of them are closed source. What can happen when we add the ideas of open hardware/ open source/ open design to cradle to cradle design? What possibilities could come out of this combination? What can a regenerative design (r)evolution gain from openness and what can openness gain from the build in „material connectivity“ of regenerative products and designs?

O:Wi Open Ecological Economy is a project to discuss, discover and devolope ideas and projects on the subjekt.