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Closed Laut & Bunt Festival 2020 - Statement for democracy

Rathenow, Germany

The Laut & Bunt Festival in Rathenow stands for democracy, cosmopolitanism, tolerance and diversity and has been committed to extremism, violence and xenophobia for thirteen years. We combine music, art and democratic engagement!

Denise J. from Diakonisches Werk Havelland e.V.
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The Laut & Bunt Festival, organized by the voluntary youth initiative, stands for democracy, tolerance, cosmopolitanism and diversity and positions itself strictly against extremism, violence and xenophobia. You can find the current status here:

The Laut & Bunt will take place on August 1st from 3 p.m. to midnight in the Rathenower Optikpark (Brandenburg). Seven bands from Europe are on our stage and with their music set an example for basic democratic values ​​- together with 1.100 visitors from all over Germany. We also combine sport, art and political education in this event!

In order to allow everyone interested to participate, in the spirit of democracy, we do not charge an entrance fee. To ensure that everything and everyone is paid fairly, we finance ourselves largely from public funding.
Our youth initiative has no economic advantage from the festival.

With the Laut & Bunt Festival, we and the far larger, colorful part of our city say that we will not tolerate racism and right-wing extremism disguised as "opinions". We insist on cooperation based on the federal democratic constitution. We celebrate humanity - we are loud and colorful!

Project in project
This year the project will be entitled "Hatred in the Head". Through various campaigns and guests, we want to draw attention to a shifting public discourse, often fueled by hatred in social networks. We are planning the following actions:
  • Graffiti: Pieces of art affirming democracy, which are then permanently exhibited in the local train station tunnel.
  • With bright colors against brown slogans: Activist Irmela Mensah-Schramm runs a workshop in which she shows how to transform anti-constitutional symbols and slogans into something friendly to people and democracy. In addition, you can also devote yourself to verbal training against regular table slogans.
  • Exhibition: We want to pay special attention to the topic of "hate on the net" through an exhibition. Cartoon artists take hate postings and draw them in a real context - the associated postings are issued.
  • Talk show booth: In our booth, festival goers can talk about the actions on the square and also talk to politicians and actors in social life. The talk show will be recorded and a video will be made after the festival, which we want to make available to schools and other interested institutions.