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New beginning with new club facilities

A project from Hildesheimer Hundefreunde e.V.
in Hildesheim, Germany

Construction of a new club complex on the "green meadow" with fence and development of the site.

Thomas Wohlgemuth
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About this project

What are we raising funds for?
In 2015 we have lost our clubarea in Hildesheim, which we had nurtured and cared for for more than 15 years, because the site was sold and we had to leave it.
Since the middle of 2015 we have therefore been looking for a new clubarea. The local press had reported about this several times in the past.
Many members have left us in the past years, because we were only able to carry out the lessons and above all the sports groups to a limited extent.
Unfortunately, the club's cash box has suffered considerably from the dwindling number of members.
Now, after support from the ranks of politics, we have a new place, but with the few members and rather small reserves, we face an almost unsolvable task. 
The area is a 3,000 square meter "green" meadow.
Overgrown with weeds and bushes it has to be prepared by ourselves, that means mowing, ploughing and sowing grass. In addition, the disposal of the "green" cuttings has to be done. But above all, the terrain needs a fence, because without it, training is not possible. Approx. 250 m of fence must be erected and in such a way that it is also protected against jumping over. That means at least 1.80 m high. And last-but-not-least the development must be paid for with water and electricity.
The estimated costs of around 22,000 euros to have everything done exceed our reserves many times over.
To create all this with the power of the members alone is beyond our possibilities.
Therefore we are now dependent on external support.
If you are of the opinion that a partnership with a dog makes life more beautiful and an obedient and balanced dog is an enrichment for all fellow men, then we would be pleased if you could support us with a donation.
Every donation, no matter how small, helps us to continue our work and not to have to capitulate at the end when we have a place.