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A song journey to Italy!

München, Germany

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A song journey to Italy!

München, Germany

IT IS ABOUT THOSE FOR WHOM THERE IS NO TOMORROW - NO "AFTER THE CRISIS" - NO SECOND CHANCE ! In this difficult time, we want to give senior citizens pleasure without danger. A little sounding postal greeting.

Yvonne Hotz from Kinder von heute und gestern e.V. | 
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About this project

Our "sounding song post" CD with hits from our program was very gratefully received. 
Now we were asked to play live for the residents of the homes In the courtyard or garden.
To our program:
The story of a pair of sisters "travelling to Italy to find the perfect man" was presented by Claudia Porpaczy and Yvonne Hotz in a very lively and spirited way. Their acting and singing skills and the old hits (from "Come a little bit to Italy" to "Heidi") sung along kept the audience in suspense. The listeners laughed a lot, "peeked" around each other to make sure they didn't miss anything of what was happening, sang along, clapped and laughed a lot and tried, 
to follow the lyrics thrown against the wall exactly. Everybody was very lively, awake and cheerful and enjoyed the unique mischief theatre atmosphere. 
Quote from Mrs. Schönhofer of the retirement home St. Josefsheim, Munich

Fear weakens the immune system! 
With a little amusement we want to give a little pleasure to the people who need it most. Music touches the heart and beautiful stories enrich the soul.

Updated at 07. May 2020

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