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Cathelp Sicily

A project from Felina Sicily e.V.
in Syrakus, Italy

We help in Sicilian stray cats by castration campaigns. The cats are captured colony by colony, neutered by the veterinarian, supplied with spot-on, worming and long-term antibiotics and then released (trap-neuter-return).

Sirikit Treiling
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About this project

Felina Sicily e.V. is a non-profit association that helps Sicilian stray cats by castration. Since there are so many cats and only a few strays find a forever home, we concentrate on limiting the suffering through birth control. This way the cats get older and stay healthier. However, the cat colonies do not grow any more. 

On average we travel to Sicily twice a year at our own expense during the winter season to carry out the neutering campaigns. However, we also need money for veterinary expenses and medication. The actions are accompanied by educational measures for the population. The main focus of our work is Syracuse and Catania.