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New roof for collapse-prone secondary school in Kusuntu

Kpalimé, Kusuntu, Togo

The secondary school children in Kusuntu should be able to learn again without any worries and fear that the roof damaged by termites will collapse on them.

Karl L. Krakow from Togo-Kinder Zukunftschance e.V.
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The roof beams of the Kusuntu secondary school (Collége d'Enseignement General (CEG) AGOME) were a victim of termites.
For the children in the classrooms there was a danger to life due to collapse.
What to do? The solution was the roof construction on the shell of the new cathedral in Kpalimé.
Thanks to a generous donation, we were already able to raise money for an iron roof over one of the four classrooms (3,500 euros).
The money for the three remaining classes and the teacher's room for a total amount of 13,000 euros are still missing! 
The new roofs can be realized as individual projects one after the other.