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Natur conservation centre Niederspree

A project from Naturschutzstation Östliche Oberlausitz
in Hähnichen, Germany

We want to wake up the old manor house "Schloss Niederspree" and invite all guest, young and old, from the region and the other end of the world, to explore our most beautiful nature area. The implementation of many projects is now waiting for funds.

Annett Hertweck
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About this project

Wild nature, rare animal and plant species, lakes and forest...and in the middle, an old manor house. This so-called "Schloss Niederspree" will become again a nature conservation  center that invites kids and youth to experience nature. Also, nature tourism, scientists and artist are welcome to explore the wild straight from the nature center. The surroundings will have a variety of offers to learn about environmental aspects. The materials to implement the environmental pedagogy projects needs still financial support. Also, the nature center aims to be as sustainable as possible. Therefore, we plan to build a well that can be used for the permaculture garden and the water playground. The guest are asked to visit us by public transport, but the way to the next train station is far. Therefore, we also need to invest in bikes.