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Delicious Food for All

Berlin, Germany

Delicious Food for All

Berlin, Germany

Bring plant-based meals into schools to instill healthy, sustainable, climate friendly and delicious eating habits in young students.

ProVeg from ProVeg International | 
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About this project

ProVeg’s Delicious Food For All (DFFA) is a solution designed to bring plant-based food options into schools to instill healthy, sustainable, just and delicious eating habits in young students, the demographic who will inherit the future from us. In cooperation with the health insurance company BKK ProVita,  it is a project to familiarise pupils with plant-based dishes in cooking trainings. Kitchen staff, teachers or institutions such as school networking centres are also involved through individual methods, such as action guidelines and adapted information material. 

DFFA goal is to reduce the consumption of animal products by 50% by 2040 through influencing institutions, communication consulting, cooking training, focusing on caterers and schools, teaching students, bringing healthy eating workshops to classrooms and recipe development. How do we do this?

Delicious food: In order for students to enjoy eating at schools and universities, we work on bringing forward appetizing appearance and taste in our plant-based meal options therefore providing a long-term change in school menus.

Participation: If pupils play an active role, they are more satisfied with the meals. This increases the acceptance of the school meals and strengthens the students position as decision-makers. Through cooking trainings where children and adolescents can try out for themselves how to prepare plant-based options and learn about the numerous benefits.

Health: Daily school lunches contribute to good eating habits and the health development of children and adolescents.

Impact: DFFA will contribute in this transition to a more plant-based city simply with a plate, fork and a school meal at a time. 
We seek in our vision, as the saying goes, “to educate a child in order to turn walls into doors.”  

Updated at 14. July 2020