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Gardening for Future

A project from Respect Earth e.V.
in Bonn, Germany

The campaign is a collaboration between Respect Earth e.V. and Tannenbusch House. We foresee the garden to be a lively place to learn and implement ideas. We feel inspired to create a positive vision of theof the future, a biotope of humanity.

Thomas Kaiser
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About this project

We develop ideas for a positive, just and conscious coexistence between humans and nature in an urban context. And we put these ideas into practice. 

Who is behind the campaign and Gardening for Future?
The campaign is a collaboration between Respect Earth e.V. and Tannenbusch House. 
Respect Earth is a non-profit association with the purpose to promote respect for our earth. And this especially through concrete activities of nature and climate protection. 

The Tannenbusch House is a family house, community center and a co-creative space in Bonn. The aim of the space is to bring people together; and to offer them the opportunity to test and implement their own ideas and projects in a safe environment.

In a nutshell: 
Respect Earth + Tannenbusch House = Gardening for Future

The Garden - What has happened so far
The Tannenbusch House as a place and intercultural community centre started in May 2017, and the 100 square metre garden around the house has always been a lively place for exchange and co-creation. Currently the garden is already equipped with: 
  • An insect hotel
  • An aquaponics system
  • raised beds and "normal" beds with irrigation system 
  • trees, flowers, bees
As well as many other plans and ideas. We have also acquired a basic set of materials. 

The vision for the garden: 
We imagine the garden to be a lively place to learn, to grow, to relax and implement ideas. Here we can feel comfortable and inspired to create a positive vision of the future, a biotope of humanity. 

What we implement with the campaign
With the money from this campaign we will carry out the following projects and formats: 
  • Regular times for public gardening (once a week) 
  • Materials (e.g. soil, seeds) 
  • Workshops with experts (e.g. permaculture or deep ecology) 
  • More events of Respect Earth like Monday's Drumming
Furthermore, we would like to be able to support people with their own ideas in a concrete way. Here, our garden can act as a local platform for networking. 

Everyone can participate: You too can be part of the movement! 
And how can you do that? Very simple: Click on donate

For our planning purposes we would encourage you to set up a monthly donation. This can easily be done via Betterplace. Just select "monthly" when you are on the donation overview. 

To learn more about the activities of the Tannenbusch House you can have a look at our dynamic visualisation here: