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Funded LUCKY LINDYs HOP - Vintage Swing meets contemporary dance theater

Hamburg, Germany

The Afroamerican vintage dance styles such as Lindy Hop are not acknowledged as art. The dance play LUCKY LINDYs HOP aims to prove them wrong: 38 Lindy Hoppers perform the explosive story of young Charles Lindbergh - with your support!

Marthe Meier from Beyond Borders e.V. | 
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About this project

Charles Lindbergh was the first person to dare a direct flight from New York to Paris alone - and to survive. In 1927, he made history as "Lucky Lindy", an eccentric young man who was unaware that his life would change forever after landing. This pioneering act and his following, very controversial life story could fill an entire streaming series full of love, lies and deception, kidnapping, murder, secrets and political incorrectness.
Or they could inspire a dance play.
The Afro-American styles combined in Authentic Jazz are improvisational dances with specific physical communication elements. Like letters of an alphabet, these elements can be combined to motion sequences, to dances with or without a partner.
The dance technique can be broken down to its smallest element: bounce. This body springing defines the style and varies within Afro-American dances as a distinguishing feature.
The aim of LUCKY LINDYs HOP is to combine the basic techniques of these vintage dance styles with contemporary choreography to create a dance theatre performance about Charles Lindbergh's Atlantic crossing, accompanied live by swing musicians.
It will be performed on September 20, 2020 on Hamburg's stage "Sprechwerk".

The dance piece is classically divided into three acts, symbolizing take-off, flight and landing. They represent Lindbergh's emotional development within the dangerous 33 hours and 30 minutes that his adventure lasted.
Four young choreographers (with an artistic focus) will work with 38 dancers from Hamburg’s swing dance scene. Together, choreographers and dancers will break open the vintage dance techniques, to show their artistic value in view of today’s understanding of dance.

Your donation allows us to realise our project as professional as it deserves. Which means for example that we could afford our preferred costumes and pay our Swing & Jazz musicians.
A huge thank you for your support!
Updated at 28. January 2021

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