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Closed Provide windsurf equipment for people of all body sizes for our summer camp

A project from EmK Wassersportfreunde
in Kiel, Germany

Support the EmK Wassersportcamp in providing impressive watersports experiences by making a donation for windsurfing equipment for people of all body sizes.

Amelie Geywitz
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About this project

Each summer from July to September, the EmK Wassersportcamp opens its tents to children, youths and adults from across Germany. Our summer camps seek to provide a safe space for watersports and faith community, welcoming people of all nationalities, ages, religions, social backgrounds and physical conditions. 
Located at the Falckensteiner Strand in Kiel, our participants have the opportunity to learn how to windsurf, sail, or kayak. Regardless of previous experience and physical conditions, we aim at enabling them to overcome their initial inhibitions and be moved by the wind and waves.

Your donation can make a change in helping us provide watersports equipment to participants of all body sizes. We specifically want to expand our windsurfing inventory for people of larger body sizes to avoid frustration due to unfitting materials.