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Support an eco-farming school in Kpassamgambou, Benin!

Parakou, Benin

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Support an eco-farming school in Kpassamgambou, Benin!

Parakou, Benin

We, as part of the project Greening Africa Together, want to support an NGO to build a school in Benin and support the community. There is no toilet at this place and no mill in 5 km to crush grain. Let us make it possible together!

Agatha Majcher from Greening Africa Together / TU Berlin | 
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About this project

Greening Africa Together (GATo) is a network of African and international: NGOs, universities (from Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Senegal, DR Congo, ... and the TU Berlin) and communities which work together to encourage sustainable development.

The NGO “New Humanity owns a piece of land in Kpassagambou-Benin. It has already built with GaTo in the last few years a well with a solar pump, a pig, and chicken house and created a permaculture and agroforestry garden. We want to continue at this point. The next step in the realization of the school is the construction of a sanitation system linked to a biodigester and a solar-powered mill for the community. 
Our aim is to support the NGO on the project, in order to lay the foundations for a communitarian school and to fulfill the communities’ needs by introducing health awareness and renewable energies while respecting local traditions.

Firstly, the farm needs a basic sanitary system to assure the people’s safety and health by avoiding oral-fecal diseases and polluting the groundwater. This toilet will be linked to a biodigester that turns the organic material into biogas. There is enough material available to generate sufficient biogas to cook, to avoid deforestation and to improve the indoor air quality. Also, the digested material is a perfect fertilizer for the barren soil in this area and could be used by the villagers to improve the ground for local agriculture.

Furthermore, the women in the village must walk 5km to the next mill, for this reason, they have asked for a local mill since crushed cereals and grains are part of the daily local diet. As a solution we would like to provide a solar-powered mill, being of profit for the school as an economical initiative but also to support the community.

Our aim is to support the NGO by helping in the design, construction, and installation of this basic infrastructure. In order to lay the foundations for a communitarian school. Simultaneously it will encourage health awareness and renewable energies while respecting local traditions and empowering the community towards self-sufficiency.

The project is designed to be sustainable and reduce CO2 emissions in an effort to guide towards self-sufficiency and education. The whole community especially the women and girls will benefit from this project.

These are the goals to be achieved in the Summer School 2020:

Toilet with the biodigester with the respective pipes and stove 2 400€ 
Solar-powered mill 4 200€

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Updated at 18. March 2020