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Donate for a PV system in DR Congo!

A project from Greening Africa Together/Alle Hand in Hand, e.V.
in Kinshasa, Congo (Democratic Republic)

To meet the electricity needs of these children, we will build a photovoltaic off grid system with a mobile charging station, and if we can get more money for this project, we will also build a water pumping system.

Lilly S.
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About this project

Democratic Republic of the Congo is located in central Africa.The DRC has one of the lowest rates of electrification in the world with a huge potential for renewable energy such as hydropower, biomass, methane gas, solar energy. The orphanage 'HOSPICES DES ENFANTS ABANDONNES' is located in Kinshasa, the capital of DR Congo. This orphanage is home to 26 student girls. The orphanage is facing a lack of sufficient electricity, they receives power only once a week, which does not allow girls to read their notes of courses. As the solution we will build a photovoltaic system for this orphanage, which can not only provide the eletricity demand of these children, but also achieve sustailable development.

 The site of realization of the project is the orphanage “Centre d’hébergement Bomoyi I”, in Kisenso commune, Kinshasa town. 

In order to improve the living conditions of the orphanage’s inhabitants, this project aims to: 
  • Provide electricity to the orphanage for lighting and other needs; 
  • Provide a mobile phone charge station to generate incomes for the maintenance of the electrical installation; 
  • Provide a water pumping system for housework and sanitary facilities. 

 The participating students in this project are: 
  • Tutor: Osia SIMAKALA 
  • DR Congo: Divine PEMBELE, David OMOKOKO, Pierre SEDI, Kevin KIANGEBENI, Glodie MBOMBO, Samira YALA, Gloire MUKENG and Jonathan KISEMBO. 
  • Germany: Mauricio OCAMPO, Hamdi MSADAK, Ao YANG, Bernardo PECHIR  
 The orphanage is home to 26 girls, almost all are teenage girls. 
  • 3 caretakers take care of the girls: 2 mums working only during the day, and 1 sentinel who spends the night there every day. 
  • All girls are pupils. Some of them go to school from Monday to Saturday, from 7:30AM to 12:30PM. Others go from Monday to Friday, form 1:00PM to 5:00PM. 
  • The orphanage is facing a lack of sufficient electric power. It is connected to the national electricity network, but it receives power only once per week, and sometimes not at all. The supplied voltage is about 90V instead of 220V, which does not allow girls to read their notes of courses. 
  • They use charcoal for cooking. 
  • They use to buy potable water for drinking. 
  • The orphanage has a well in the parcel, but there is no pumping system. 
  • The orphanage has 2 unused tanks of 500L because the national potable water provider does not deliver water.