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10 x 10,000 reasons for the InHaus!

A project from Integrationshaus e.V.
in Köln, Germany

The non-profit association Integrationshaus e.V. has been committed to a just and solidary society for ten years. Through concrete work on-site and through political engagement in the city.

Elizaveta Khan
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About this project

The social non-governmental organization Integrationshaus e.V. celebrates its 10th birthday on October 1st, 2020!

10x 10,000 reasons for the InHaus! Which? You can find it here:

01. autonomy
We not only want to remain independent but above all, we want to empower people to go their own way. The right to self-determination and self-direction are worth it!

02. education
We want to offer inclusive education for everyone! Democracy education, criticism of racism, languages, empowerment courses and the strengthening of solidarity skills are worth it!

03. the courage
We want to encourage people to speak out against injustices on the ground and in the world and to stand up for others. Resistance competence and courage are worth it!

04. the formation of democracy.
Democracy is a way of life - and democracy is there for everyone. We want to empower people to participate in a democratic society.
Democracy is worth it!

05. empowerment!
We want to empower people to develop ideas for how to live their lives and show how they can achieve their goals. Every one is a world - Chaka!

06. the community
We don't want to leave people alone! We would like to invite everyone to network, get involved and show solidarity with others. The "we" is worth it!

07. freedom
We want to empower people to gain freedom for their own life biography and to think and act outside the existing. Freedom is worth it!

08. the attitude
We want to promote personality, solidarity, subsidiarity, and responsibility. Persistence, sources of power and civil courage are our companions. The backbone is worth it!

09. integrity
We want to empower people to endure contradictions and to develop a "both-and" thinking structure. Finding the balance in yourself is worth it.

10. the anniversary
It's our birthday! And we would like to have 10,000 x 10.00 € to renew ourselves and tackle the next 10 years stronger. We are worth it!


And we have a wish: 10.00 € for our birthday!
Join us and give us something!