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Support earthquake research and environmental education with bees - we4bee

A project from we4bee gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)
in Würzburg, Germany

we4bee - learning and researching with bees - is building a worldwide network of high-tech beehives to enable environmental education and research in schools and to predict earthquakes.

Claudia Dr. Leikam
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About this project

we4bee is a non-profit organization founded by the renowned bee researcher Prof. Dr. Jürgen Tautz. we4bee equips beehives with various sensors and issues them free of charge to schools, beekeepers, universities and other institutions in order to build up a worldwide network of we4bee high-tech beehives. The data on the living conditions of bees and the prevailing environmental conditions, both inside and outside the beehive, are collected centrally at the University of Würzburg and evaluated using big data analysis and machine learning processes and made available to the general public via our we4bee app.
Our goal is not only to learn more about bees and their needs to protect our environment, but also to find a way to predict earthquakes and other natural disasters using the highly sensitive biosensor "bee".
In addition, we provide the participating schools with teaching materials on the life and importance of the honeybee free of charge to enable more exciting and varied lessons.
we4bee thus makes an important contribution to environmental education and research.
The collected donations enable data collection and analysis and thus the continued existence of we4bee. Thanks for your support!