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Münster, Germany

TechLabs enables people to acquire state-of-the-art tech skills to solve current problems and global challenges in a digital way. Our 20 week program is absolutely free for our participants.

Annika Laute from TechLabs e.V.
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We, as TechLabs, dream of a world without digital illiterates, a world in which tech-savvy people can solve current problems in a digital way.

The demand for tech-savvy talents is high - worldwide. Technological progress is as fast as never before and whole industries have changed fundamentally. Nevertheless, academic education can hardly keep up with the changes - many students and employees feel ill-equipped in the area of IT and worry about their future.

To us it was clear that educational institutions won’t be able to adapt their curricula with regard to digital education fast enough. Digitalization requires a flexible form of education, which suits its ever-changing content. Individual training opportunities are very expensive and/or inefficient (roughly 95% of all online courses don’t get completed).
There is a large group of people not having the chance to improve their tech-skills and they are thus denied many professional opportunities. Digital illiteracy is a problem of the which, which can be prevented. We want to support as many people as possible to shape their own and the general, global future.

After a successful application, our participants receive a scholarship for our 20-week program - this way learning takes place independent from our participants financial background. Our program is separated into three different areas, online learning, local community and project work.

1. Our participants receive an individualized learning journey, adapted to their previous experience. Currently, TechLabs offers four trajectories: AI, Data Science, UX Design and Web Development. The learning journeys have been designed by TechLabs, using different learning platforms and resources, e.g. Datacamp.

2. In our local community, people exchange and share their experiences through subject-related talks, Hackathons or socials. We want to connect people, because we fiercely believe that you can learn a lot from other people and achieve more together.

3. Besides online courses, our participants can learn in more realistic settings, e.g. in the course of a group project in which they can implement their own project idea, support d by skilled mentors.

All mentors and and the whole TechLabs team work as volunteers.

The donations will be used to finance the content of the learning  journeys, for example DataCamp/Udemy courses, and for the organization of workshops and hackathons for the participants. Moreover, we need to finance community spaces for our participants to learn and work together.