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Donate a Computers to empower young person affected by conflict

Buea, Douala, Cameroon

30 visual technology startups will be provided with 30 graphics and multimedia production computers . This will enable them develop skills, generate self sustaining income, and create 120 new jobs

M. Ashu-Arrey from Global Entrepreneurship Corps
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Visual Technology startup, can generate income and create self sustaining,  sustainable wealth, create employment and reduce unemployment rate if you provide high graphics computers for multimedia production, that will enable these startups develop skills, deliver timely and quality multimedia content for corporates and individuals with coordination from Global Entrepreneurship Corps innovation and business development enterprise support structure Jongo Hub.

The project will support 30 visual technology and content production startups, acquire ultra smart computers with high speed, professional level dedicated graphic properties, 1 terabyte of hard disc capacity, power savers, stabilizers and and accessories.

Beneficiaries will deliver for profit visual technology content to Jongo studios generated clients, permitting them to raise enough income  to repay and own these computers over a period of one year. 

Successful startups male and female young entrepreneurs  aged between 18 to 28 years who benefit from this project will take 1year to generate income to repay investment and own the computers for independent business activities. The funds generated  will be invested on new equipment for new beneficiaries of the next incubation year.
Startup success will be evaluated by

1) # of clients generated who are satisfied with startups services

2) # of new employment created by startups

3) Amount of income generated by startups annually and ability for startups to replace investment. 

4) # of startups who successfully graduate from Jongo Hub yearly

The Maecaenata Foundation will  foundation will collect all donations and wire to Global Entrepreneurship corps, who will manage the grants and grantees to deliver the results stated above