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g o l d r a u m - invitation into the silence

A project from goldraum e.V.
in Wiesbaden, Germany

g o l d r a u m - invitation into the silence see also

Diana Stein
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About this project

todays goldraum is a place of peace and light. it wants to invite you, for a moment or longer, to loose contact from the so hectic and charm flooded world, find a retreat from the distractions of everyday life – just be yourself!

the sophisticated design takes you to a singular world of gold and your imaginations, provides an oasis of tranquility in an environment that is satiated with stimuli and it invites to pause for a moment of silence.

gold represents light, warmth, open skies, values, transcendence, infinity, god,…

gold radiates energy, produces light; you absorb power and strength.

inside there is a different reality than outside.

in the goldraum I am totally surrounded by gold. sit back / stand back and wait … perhaps, something special might happen with me / to me …

the room is meant to be neutral, no matter what your religious or cultural ideology is.

you will place the goldraum in an area where there is no or very little chance for personal retreat, for example at a fair, a shopping-mall, an airport, a railway station, a university / college, a cathedral perhaps, an accommodation for refugees, a hospital, a prison, in a business area etc. ... all options for indoors, the room-inroom-version.

in addition to these, the outdoor version can be placed in e.g. a pedestrian zone, a park, a landscape garden,…

take care of yourself – and of the goldraum!