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Funded Support school education in crisis and war zones

Herat, Afghanistan

We have been making it possible for 30 orphans to attend the Rasalat school in Herat since 2018 and are collecting donations for the new school year in 2020 to ensure that they can continue their education and thus have a chance for a better future.

Marzia Hossieni from Rainbows for Children in Need e.V. | 
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About this project

Did you know that with the end of the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, children around the country can finally go back to school? Although that sounds like great news, the unfortunate reality is that only 60% of the Afghan children are able to afford the luxury of an education.
 Many children have lost their parents and family members as a result of the ongoing war in Afghanistan, leaving them vulnerable and unable to afford a proper education. In most cases, they are sent to public schools with overcrowded classrooms and insufficiently trained teachers. Consequently, many of them leave school after 9 to 12 years still being illiterate and uneducated. Only children who have the privilege of being able to read and write have the chance of creating a better future for themselves. 
Rainbows for Children in Need e.V. is a small non-profit organization stemming from the region of Frankfurt. The focus of our work is the promotion and long-term improvement of the education of children in need in crisis and war zones. In cooperation with local, national and international forces that are involved in the development and support of such children, we have successfully implemented our first project in 2018. We have enabled 15 orphan girls and 15 orphan boys to attend the private school "Rasalat" in the city of Herat. For the further support of these 30 children for the new school year beginning in March 2020, we are dependent on your monetary donations.
 This is where you can help these children! The costs for attending the Rasalat School per child and per school year breaks down as the following:
 - School fee: € 119.30
 (For every two children we support, there is no school fee for a third child. Accordingly, the equivalent of € 79.53 per child)
 - School bus: € 105.26 (transport to school and back to the orphanages to ensure a safe way to school in this unsafe country) 
 - School uniforms and school books: € 30.99
 - Lunch and drinks during breaks: € 31.58
  - Backpack € 5.85
  - School supplies: € 8.19 (exercise books, pens, etc.)
  - School trips: € 3.51
  - On-site childcare: € 83.97 (one of our staff members would visit the parent teacher meetings, test the learning development of the individual children, support with homework etc.)
For a total of € 348.88, the basis for education and thus for a better future can be laid. We have set ourselves the goal of enabling these 30 children to continue their schooling in the year 2020. In order to reach our goal, we need a total of €10,466.50. As a non-profit, we guarantee that 100% of the donations go directly towards the advancement of these 30 children. 

Help us to help these children get the education they deserve by donating now!

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