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Closed Education against poverty: Social work in Cameroon

Douala, Cameroon

Closed Education against poverty: Social work in Cameroon

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Request for exchange of knowledge and to raise funds for a social education project in Cameroon to improve the quality of education and to permit the use of a school education for children from families in financial distress.

M. Elbracht from M. ElbrachtWrite a message

Support for the bilingual school "College polyvalent Baho"
Since juli we are in Douala (Cameroon) in high school to absolve the last assignment before our university degree. We are aiming to support the school on pedagogical and material ways. Concerning this we request for financial help and mentoring, especially from (school-) social workers, teachers, pedagogues, development workers and psychologists. The teachers in our school are very interested in advanced training to improve the school routine for themselves and the children.

About us:
-> Profil
- Marco Elbracht, Jessica Hauptmann
- 5th. semester students of social work

Uneven distribution of goods, corruption, the big informal sector, demographic circumstances etc. conduce to the passing of poverty and build a self-preserving system, whereby especially the childrens chance of education is suffering. Many parents are not interested in their children’s education or the communication between them and the school. There is a big lack of financial funds in the families and thats why many parents can not send neither a few nor all their children to school. But there is not enough money to pay a long school career and higher graduations.
Visiting a public school is way cheaper, but not always possible and the learning conditions are characterized by a lack of material, extremely overcrowded classes and inferiority of teaching. So privat schools seem to be the only realistic opportunity. However , the miss of teaching materials also appears in these kind of schools and furthermore many parents can not afford school fees and school materials, which leads to non/only partially appearing students or in worst case an abbortion of their education

- Purchase of school supplies (notebooks, pens, provision of textbooks in the library ...)
- Information day: for parents and children, to raise awareness about the importance of a good education; show opportunities for financial support (insurance, scholarships);
- Offer incentives to entice many parents to visit the information day (we would like to use donations to offer cheap food to the guests for example)
- Career guidance in cooperation with companies and universities
- Improving the quality of teaching through advanced training for teachers (pedagogy, psychology, communications, de-escalation strategies, dealing with aggression, gender)

- Based on partnership, resource-oriented work with students and teachers
- project work, workshops, seminars
- design self-sustaining projects as a long-term "help to self-help"

** Jessica Hauptmann also entered our common project**

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