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Fundraiser for our new school in Cambodia

Roka Kaong 2 Commune, Cambodia

Our small charity has been successfully running projects in the field of education in Cambodia for more than 10 years. Now we want to build a second school. The land has been bought. For the next steps we need your support.

Nanette Langfeldt from Kidshelp Kambodscha e.V.
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We are a small charity from the Rhineland and our projects are aimed at giving children and young adults from Cambodia access to high-quality education.

We have been working in Cambodia for more than a decade now and unfortunately the quality of education in a lot of areas in the countryside is still very low. We therefore want to build a new school to provide quality education to children from marginalized families. The experience we gained during the construction and operation of our first school will play a central role in the design of this new school. This time, we want to rely on solar power right from the start. Since regular power cuts are still common in rural areas, this would not only be pragmatic and environmentally friendly but also cheaper than the expensive electricity from the state grid in the long run.

Together with our long-standing employee and future school principal Tharith, we have looked at half a dozen villages and countless plots of land over the past year and finally acquired a piece of land about 10 minutes by car further from Phnom Penh than our first school. This makes sense, because the more you get away from the capital, the worse the basic services will be.

The rainy season is officially over since November and it is the perfect period to fill up and straighten the property. This is necessary because the schoolyard and the building must have a certain height so that everything is not flooded during the rainy season. Before one can build on such a heaped up property, the earth material must rest for at least one year, so that it can sink and the soil can compact. To prevent everything from being washed away during the next rainy season, a wall must also be built around the property to withstand the pressure of water and soil, even during heavy rains.

The dry season of about six months is the ideal time to carry out the described construction measures. For the acquisition of the property we have already brought in about 40000 Euros of our own funds and thus laid an important foundation stone. We want to apply for the funding for our school building from large foundations and development aid organizations in the so-called industrialized countries. Before that, however, we have to mobilize the approximately 13,000 Euros for the next step. And that's where you come in.

Your support will literally lay the foundation for a place that will be the source of quality education for children in need.

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