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Water Barrel needed filled with bought water to ease life for the orphans

Matatiele, South Africa

300€ will help us buy a rain barrel. Because of the long period of drought we need to buy water. It costs 160€ to fill a water barrel with water. By having water meals can be provided and the orphans can take care of the vegetable garden

Debbie J. from Takathemba: Zukunft für Kinder in Südafrika
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The Eastern Cape is considered to be the poorest region in South Africa. The ongoing drought has caused many people to migrate to the cities.  Many parents move to where the work is.  There they live in the slums. with no space for their children that are left with older siblings who eventually end up coming to Yumelela for help 

Everyone is suffering because of the extreme drought. It has not rained for 9 months. The lack of water has hindered the garden project. Water has to be bought. An additional rain barrel costs 300€  The children love working in the garden but at the moment it is impossible to plant because of the drought.

Fortunately, we have two rain barrels but urgently need a third one.  In this way we can store more water which is needed for cooking and drinking.
Nobody can remember ever experiencing such a long period of drought.  Your donations will make it possible to buy another water barrel as well as water.  It is very important that our water barrels are always filled to the brim.


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