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YoungVision Festival 2021 - become a supporter today 🎁

Pommritz, Germany

Imagine a world where we don‘t live next to each other but in true connection with one another. A place where all your emotions are cherished, where you can be your true self. The YoungVision Festival wants to be just that - and we need your help!

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About this project

Imagine a world where we don‘t just live next to each other but in true connection with one another. A place where all your emotions are welcome amd cherished, where you don‘t have to pretend to be someone you‘re not. The YoungVision Festival aims to be just that: A playground for you to explore your inner belief systems, your old patterns and blockings as well as your potentials, wishes and desires.

In 2021 the 10-day YoungVision Festival for young people between 15 and 30 will take place for the sixth time. Like always the premises are drug and alcohol free!

We question old roles, our ways of working, consuming and communicating. Together we are looking for solutions for societal problems. Through meditation, introspection, transparent communication and sharing groups we want to provide the young generation with skills that are not only needed in private and business life, but are relevant and necessary for society as a whole. Especially in times like these!

There are a number of young people who still go to school, university or simply cannot afford to attend the Festival. To enable as many young people as possible to go on this exciting journey we depend on your support to give out scholarships to disadvantaged people.

With your donation you can enable young people like Mirko or Mette to go to the Festival in 2020 and continue their personal growth. Help us go on a journey towards deeper connection and compassion.

Let's start shaping a better tomorrow together!


Voices from the Festival:

“The festival was a gift for me. The space that was created there allowed be to be myself so fully that I realized how often I am actually not myself in everyday life. The protected space created by the organizing team and the overall culture of communication encouraged me to get to know my fears and mental barriers on a deep level and to change my ways of interacting with myself and the world around me”.
- Mette (21) is currently studying full time and does not earn enough money on the side to finance the Festival by herself.

„The festival helped me to open up to others and to get to know myself better. During the last festival I was able to get to get in contact with my fears. I like being with other people from YoungVision because it gives me a feeling of belonging". 

- Mirko (29) cannot afford to go the festival in 2020. He receives very little money per month to spend for himself.

Updated at 19. January 2021