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Kinderhilfe Indonesien e.V.

A project from Kinderhilfe Indonesien e.V.
in Banyumas (Central Java), Indonesia

Kinderhilfe Indonesien e.V. supports children in Indonesia to provide them with basic medical care and enough food, while also schooling them and giving them vocational training.

M. Alsdorf
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Natural disasters severely affect the region.
Our work mainly consists of caring for children and assisting them, checking up on them and monitoring compliance. Every child should enjoy the rights guaranteed by the United Nations: food, shelter, clothing, education, medical care and assistance.

We work locally with our partners in Indonesia because they know best what peoples’ basic needs are; they are familiar with the hardships and the problems that families face.
In this way, we can ensure our development work corresponds to the actual needs.
We involve the families in the development process, which means that in the end result, our work will be sustainable.
We help people to help themselves. That is why educational work, supplying the basic necessities and proactive planning are all equally important factors in everything we do.

- Support the orphanage, day care center, village school
- Support the hospital
- Dental care
- Treat water and supply potable water
- Rebuild school buildings
- Child sponsorships

I can promise you that all donations will reach those who need them most. I myself regularly visit the region to distribute the funds donated.
All of our helpers are volunteers. They invest a lot of their time and money, such as for immunizations or travel expenses. Sometimes, their work even places them in danger. But we are all committed to helping the children. Our greatest success, we feel, was when we gained the trust of the local populace for our project, since we are only able to achieve our objectives and plans with their support.
This support encourages us to continue our work. And it proves to the children of Indonesia that people in the world care about them, and want to given them hope for a better future.