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Bangladesh: Support night schools – to stop child labour

Night schools in Bangladesh offer children a way out of the hellish cycle of child labour. We would like to support this work in order to make a better future possible for the little ones.

Dennis Özmen from YOU Stiftung - Bildung für Kinder in NotWrite a message

Children are still exploited economically and abused as cheap labour – even in states which signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Claudia Jerger, vice president of the board of trustees of the YOU foundation, mentioned the fact that children work full-time in factories. The state is condoning that children are working instead of going to school.

“They are trapped in an awful vicious cycle”

The kids are proud about their jobs especially in the metal industry, because they provide for their family. The factory owners are equally proud of themselves because in their point of view they help the families of the children to survive with offering child labour. The parents are mostly dependent of it. “They are trappe in an wwful vicious cycle,” recognizes Claudia Jerger.

development aid cannot break the cycle

The families often don't have another choice. A dwelling in the slum requires a monthly rent of €30, the parent mostly earn less than €15 per month; a child up to €8, if it is working eight to ten hours a day. Furthermore, the family has to buy groceries in order that they don't starve. Development aid cannot change the laws, but we can raise awareness and that can contribute to better living conditions! You connat imagine what happens if someone in a family get sick!

“How can children break the vicious cycle?”

Night schools offer the chance for a shift.
The children earn skills, but they also learn their rights as well as cultural and playful activities are included. “We want to empower the children with knowledge – both in the society and in the local community.” As adults they will have better chances on the labour market, they will know their rights, are strenghened and can break the cycle.

You can stop the hellish machinery that way!

Please don't close your eyes help the children getting better chances. Therefore, we ask for you: Support the night schools in Bangladesh and afford the children a better future.