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CO₂ Farming with small farmers in Kenya

Nyeri, Kenya

CO₂ Farming with small farmers in Kenya

Nyeri, Kenya

Binding 25 t CO₂ per ha and extracting high-quality organic oil is truly a dream combination. Scientists Klaus Becker and Volker Wulfmeyer from the University of Hohenheim have been working on this since 1996.

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About this project

CO₂- Farming - Jatropha the Climate Chance: It sounds too good to be true.  Prof. Becker and Prof. Wulfmeyer, scientists from the University of Hohenheim, had taken part and wanted to bind CO₂ from the atmosphere with large Jatropha plantations and thereby green the deserts. 
Jatropha can solve a large part of the climate problems of our time and at the same time supply the oil of the future. The benefits have not yet been fully exploited, however, because the plant grows as if it were made for climate change, even under the most arid conditions. Better still, it not only grows on barren soils, but also makes these soils fertile for other plants. 
After a long journey, for which we must be grateful to the scientists, today we have reached a point, that Migraplan grü is using to establish a Jatropha CO₂ farming pilot-plantation in Kenya with the support of JatroSolution (a spin-off of the University of Hohenheim). 
We need many donors for this extraordinary project, which can decisively influence the future of climate problems. So - join us!

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Updated at 18. March 2020