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African Book Festival 2020

Berlin, Germany

Berlin´s African Book Festival is an initiative for more diversity, both in literature and in politics. We show what motivates and connects people on both continents these days. We challenge our audience: Read outside the Box!

S. Hirsbrunner from InterKontinental e.V.
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In April 2020, Berlin will host the biggest African literature festival in Germany again, presenting star authors from all over the continent. Here, the most prominent and best-known writers, poets and artists from Africa and/or the diaspora meet to discuss books, the art of writing and social/political topics of our times. We look forward to readings, interviews, panel discussions, film, theatre, poetry slam and music. 

Concerning the sheer immense size and diversity of the African continent, each year there will be a new curator, a literary personality from Africa, in charge of designing the programme of the festival. This is to guarantee that the regional focus as well as the main language, literary genre and cultural background will change each year.  

Mainly in order to be able to pay for international travel costs as well as to cover event costs we need your support please. We thank all supporters in advance! Thank you.