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❄️ SOS winter in our partner animal homes in Spain ❄️

Berlin, Germany

❄️ SOS winter in our partner animal homes in Spain ❄️

Berlin, Germany

Help us so that we can provide help quickly on-site and the dogs no longer have to freeze!

Maria S. from Hunderettung e.V. | 
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About this project

The snow, which we in Germany welcome with great joy, has devastating consequences in our Spanish partner animal shelters in Lleida and Benidorm. Unusually for these temperate regions, this winter also brought cold and snowfalls. The animal shelters are not prepared for this, as normally they do not have such winters. The dogs with their short fur in the kennels are not well protected and warmed up. 🥶

Take a look at your Fluffs in your warm home and imagine that these poor souls in Spain are not that lucky yet. It is also not realistic that all dogs can be transported into a home in the foreseeable future.

Therefore let us give these dear souls warmth together, via donations for warming thermal blankets, insulating huts, weather-resistant baskets, and nutritional diet food. This is the only way we can offer speedy help under Covid-19. ❤️
Updated at 09. January 2021