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Closed Let rescued children study and play

Mombasa, Kenya

a lot of progress realised by coming up with a play therapist and a professional teacher

F. KAMELI wrote on 02-11-2012

In  the Centre we now have a play therapist and a professional teacher. The play therapist is helping the children to egange themselves in drawing, painting, colouring. The wonderful thing taht he is doing with children is that, he has taught them how to look at their friends keenly and draw their faces. The children have been drawin each others faces whereby they find a lot of fun in doing it. They do it so excellently such that yuou would think it is the teacher himself who has done it.

This therapy helps the children to forget and cope with the problems which they have faced before coming to the centre. They tend to heal and recover quickly than when we used not to have a play therapist.

What we are lacking is books, papers for drawing, pens ,pencils markers pencils, manilla papers, glue etc

The professional teacher also teaches the children using the books un the Kenyan Primary syllabus. They learn about mathematics, science. geography, history ,english, social studies and others. This helps them not to loose or miss a lot when they are out of school so that when they go back to school, they will catch up easily.

Sr Francisca

Project Administrator 

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