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Closed Let rescued children study and play

Mombasa, Kenya


F. KAMELI wrote on 16-08-2012

Sincw the begginning of the year the rescue centre has managed to resue  150 children. We are glad to share with you that 100 of this children have been reintergrated back to their families, 10 have been taken to childrens homes because they had no one at all to take care of them, 15 have, 5 have been taken to vocational training institutes by well wishers and 35 are still in the centre undergoing counselling.

Our children now  are able to draw, read and write because of the help we have received from betterplace donations. We have been able to buy books, pens  and pencils though we still need more because the number of children is increasing.

We have purchased  20 mosquitoe nets and now malaria is a forgotten story in the centre. We rarely get malaria cases among the children.

We have also purchased play materials, 3 net balls, 2 footballs, 20 skopping ropes and 2 bycycles.

The children are learning how to mend their torn clothes from the help of the 2 sewing machines we purchased through betterplace donors,

Thank you so much all our donors.We know  that you have sacrificed a lot to make sure that our children benefit, may you be blessed.

The centre is still in need of so many other items most of them are in the needs. Most importantly we need the plastic chairs because of the increasing number of children.

May god bless you all.

By Sr Francisca kameli

Project administrator



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