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School construction: Primary and Secondary School Khwaja Boghra

A project from Visions for Children e.V
in Kabul, Afghanistan

You can now donate for our school construction project in Khwaja Boghra (Kabul, Afghanistan). Some students still have to attend their classes outside in tents. Let's improve their learning conditions together. Thank you for your support!

Salim K.
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Initial Situation
The school project is located in Khwaja Boghra, one of the poorest districts in Kabul. Its residents mostly work in the fields of agriculture and craftman’s trade. Khwaja Boghra is also defined by a large number of working children, some of them are students at our project school and have to work before or after school in order to support their families. 

The public school „Khwaja Boghra“ was built in 2009. 2.802 girls and 2.957 boys (ages 6-16) are registered at the school and attend lessons in three shifts. Before we started our project there, the school consisted of only three buildings with 20 classrooms and 5 latrines.

When we took inventory, we realized that two of the school buildings had severe architectural deficencies that lead to a general danger for the whole school community. Also, the amount of classrooms and latrines were simply not sufficent for the number of students. On top of that, the premises were in need of major sanitation.

Measures - your help is needed
Together with our local partner organisation VUSAF, we accomplished building 8 accesible and gender-divided sanitary installations in 2017. We also set up hand wash installations with access to clean drinking water. Additionally, we provided the school with 15 waterproof tents as part of an emergency relief in 2017 in order to temporarily ease the lack of space.

In the long run, we plan to eliminate the shortage of classrooms at the school and increase the educational quality. In order to make this happen, we built 8 new classrooms (September 2018 - summer 2019). We also established a school lab and executed training courses for science teachers.

But still there was not enough space to accomodate all students in an adequate way, so we started building an additional 12 new classrooms and 4 staff rooms for teachers in August 2019. The staff rooms give teachers the opportunity to prepare and organize their lessons properly and in a quite environment. Also, we equipped one of the classrooms to function as a computer lab. As a result, 8th and 9th grade students were able to attend IT workshops instructed by professional trainers. Another goal for 2019 is to build a playground in order to provide an outside space for the students to clear their minds through physical activity.

Although many of our measures are subsidized by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, we are still left with numerous expenses during the course of our projects. With your support, we can finance and complete those projects at Khwaja Boghra successfully.

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