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Rolling Cinema - Mobile cinema and media educative workshops for refugees.

A project from " WildWuxWeimar " e.V.
in ..., Greece

Rolling Cinema - Mobile cinema and media educative workshops for refugees at various refugee camps in the Balkan region and in Greece.

Oliver Gentsch
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About this project

Project description
In the beginning of 2020, we – the ROLLING CINEMA – are planning to do movie screenings for the people at various refugee camps in the Balkan region and in Greece. Our aim is to create a room, where people of all origins and ages can come together and experience a few nice and happy moments enjoying film culture. The project addresses a mixed audience of people with a refugee background as well as locals, in order to overcome possible fearful attitudes and reservations. Following the screenings, we will be offering media educational workshops for kids and young people.

Who we are
We are a core group of 12 people who have been working together for a long time in the field of cultural events all over Europe. We are specialized in different areas and therefore have competences in the technical, artistic and social fields which will be useful in this project.

Reasons for our project
By now, only rarely we read reports on the daily situation of refugee people in the Balkan region and in Greece. According to the UNHCR, still around 60.000 people are waiting for their decision on asylum, which will determine where they will be going to live in the future.
In this exceptional situation, daily life can be often dull and monotonous. A lot of time consists of waiting for an unknown future. Children and young people often have no access to education and their daily life is shaped by fear and distrust and there is hardly any space where they can cope with their experiences. With our mobile cinema, we want to push forward the cultural exchange and mutual attention.

Timeframe and setup
We plan to set up the cinema in various places for about one week each. Here, we look for places in the surroundings of refugee camps and accommodations and work together with different local NGOs. Apart from that, we will be trying to make contact with the people in the camps who might have been producing their own videos and try to connect them to a joint program.
The screenings will take place in the afternoon and in a family friendly environment, so women and children can also take part and will not be excluded. We are planning to do around 2 screenings per day.
The cinema consists of a large tent which will be heated by radiant heaters. We will use a generator for electricity, so we can act more independently. Apart from the tent and seating, we still need different things, like a projector, a screen and work materials for the workshops, just to name a few. All the equipment will be
transported by trucks, which at the same time will serve as accommodation for the team. For this part of the project, a lot of Diesel will be needed.

And this is where you come into play…we need your financial support. It doesn’t matter if you donate a lot or just a little – every euro helps us to realize your mobile cinema project.
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Thanks a lot for your support!