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Missiontrip to Japan

A project from SRS e.V.
in Tokio, Japan

In 10 Days we epuip japanese Pastors and Leaders in actionsport, gather and encourage 60 actionsports Leaders around the world at a conference and travel to an actionsport Base in Nagano.

M. Stücher SRS
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About this project

Japan Fact's
•          Japan is the largest and least-reached action sports culture
•          there are more surfers in Japan than Christians
•          Japan has more ski resorts than the United States and Canada combined
•          Pastors work until high age, but more and more churches are without pastors.
In Florida, Micha met the Australian Brett Davis for the first time, founder of the sports ministry movement "Christian Surfers". He was then in his mid-fifties and had over 30 years of experience. His wish was to encourage young leaders. Micha learned a lot through many personal conversations and working together on projects. This opened up a whole new perspective for the tasks at SRS and enabled many others to encourage and realize incredible projects. SRS reaches 650 action sports athletes every year through camps, runs over 20 local projects and distributed 10,000 fun sports Bibles. 
Why Japan?
I have great respect for foreign culture, language and food. But in this particular country, being more closed off towards Christian faith, it is particularly difficult to carry out missionary projects. And in this country the sports of surfing, climbing and skating will be part of the Olympic Games for the first time. This will accelerate the "Boom" around these sports in the country and opens up unique opportunities for the churches to get in touch with people through sports.
What will we do there?
•          We facilitate the actionsports conference in Tokyo with 60 ministry leaders from around the world to network, encourage, train leaders and share resources. More information about the network can be found on
•          We will train Japanese leaders in sports ministry at the Christian community center hiBA.
•          The action sports centre Northstar ( offers many outdoor activities. We want to visit to connect to new people and to understand the culture and people better.
Who's the team?
Micha: is working for the action sports team of SRS e.V. since 2013, a qualified MTB Guide, connected to the worldwide ministry movement and founder of many projects
Janna: as a socialworker and sports mentor, she has a special away of connecting with people in sports, she likes to travel and discover new cultures
Luis: it two years old. Age, ethnicity or religion don't matter to him. He connects people in short periods of time through play.