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Bamboo School - A School for Rempek

A project from Universität Stuttgart, IBK
in Rempek Gangga, Indonesia

After the disastrous earthquake in 2018 large parts of Lombok got destroyed. The education of the students of the SD islam terpadu Al Hijrah in Rempek is still detained in stopgaps. We'd like to help with a new earthquake-proof school made of bamboo.

Luca Luna Apollonia Buchholz
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About this project

In August 2018 the Indonesian island of Lombok was struck by a series of earthquakes. More than 500 people died, many houses and large parts of
the infrastructure were destroyed. Among them was the SD Terpadu Hijar primary school in Rempek which was at the epicentre of the seismic shocks.
Even now classes are still held in emergency tents or outdoors. Together with students from Indonesia and the University of Stuttgart, we want to build a
new school made of bamboo in Rempek, in order to help children to access their right to education.

Due to its specific properties, bamboo is the ideal building material for earthquake-proof constructions. Bamboo has a long tradition as
building material in Indonesia and profits from a high degree of identification.
The project is designed to assist the people of Rempek to help themselves. Therefore, an additive system will be established. This will allow local
people to expand individual pavilions or classrooms depending on future needs and opportunities unaided.

Together with the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Surabaya and the University Nahdlatul Ulama (UNU) NTB in Lombok, the eff studio in Bali and the platform e1ns zu e1ns, Architektur als social design, we will build the first modules of the school in Rempek in February 2020.
Participate in our charity-project and help us
accomplish our goal and build the school!

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