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The Renaissance of the Wagner Theatre in Riga - 5000m2 for music

Riga, Latvia

The Renaissance of the Wagner Theatre in Riga - 5000m2 for music

Riga, Latvia

"Children create new things!" The restoration and revival of the unique building complex and the visionary fusion of all arts into a GesamtkunstWerk of the 21st century are the goal.

Mechthild Foet from Richard-Wagner-Verband International e.V.  | 
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About this project

In the middle of the Old Town of Riga stands a unique complex of buildings - the Riga Wagner Theatre. Unfortunately, it is not in a good condition and urgent structural measures must be taken. Actors on the Latvian and German side have taken up this project and have set themselves the goal of renovating, restoring and, above all, filling the building with new life.

5000m² for culture
A centre for young European musicians and artists of all kinds will be created here. Besides the normal theatre and concert activities, master classes for young people from all over Europe will take place, creative people from all areas of visual and digital arts will have the opportunity to create and think about a GesamtkunstWerk21 and last but not least the different rooms offer various possibilities for cultural events, pop-up installations and much more. The goal: the visionary fusion of all arts under the motto "Children create something new! (R.Wagner)

The renovation
In order to make the building complex, consisting of a palace, a chamber music hall and a theatre, usable for this vision, massive structural measures have to be taken. There are many large and small construction sites, from the stabilization of the foundation to the roofing of the building. In the end, in addition to the reconstruction and restoration of the historical rooms, apartments for the music students, new electrical equipment, a kitchen and the reconstruction of the theatre hall will be completed.

Project status
In 2020, the project will enter the concrete planning phase in terms of construction. Consultants, experts and architects work out the individual steps and necessary measures. A project team in Germany and Latvia will take care of fundraising and public relations for the project.

Time schedule
The start of the restoration is scheduled for spring 2021. After a three-year construction phase, the German Theatre in Riga is to reopen in 2024.

Updated at 18. March 2020