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Funded An educational centre for children and the youth in Ghana

A project from a different life e.V.
in Agona Nsaba, Ghana

Support good education for children and the youth in Agona Nsaba, a village in Ghana. With your help, we will establish an ICT lab to strengthen important skills for the young generation and better their future perspectives!

Natalie S.
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About this project

What would it be like to visit a school with lacking resources, which hinders your full development? What would it be like to have a school certificate but you would still miss important skills for the competitive further education and job market?

In 2020, we will establish an educational centre for children and the youth in Agona Nsaba, a village in Ghana. We are setting up a long-term and sustainable "a different life Ghana" together with locals and villagers. The first project that will be built is an ICT lab for students and the community.

Why an ICT lab?

The ICT lab will be beneficial for:
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • People living in the community

IT skills are important for higher education and for finding a job. The ones who have necessary skills, have better opportunities. That's why ICT is also part of the curriculum in rural areas in Ghana. However, schools lack important resources: there is no computer on which students can be trained. And at home, students can also not practise on a devise

Our ICT centre will be a place:
  • That teachers can use for practical training with their students,
  • where students can come after school to practise with specific software,
  •  and where IT workshops will be offered to other community members.

ICT knowledge is a must-have in higher education and in the daily job life. With special training, we can improve the skills of the young generation, strengthen their self esteem and prepare them for a prosperous future.

Although it is just a small building block in Ghana's education, our Ghanaian chairperson and the local community are sure of one thing: Having an ICT centre in the village would improve the future perspective of the whole community.

Other projects planned for the educational centre (over the next 5 years):
  • Vocational training for young women
  • After-school activities and library
  • Adolescent sexual and reproductive health centre