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A project from Pferde bewegen Menschen e.V.
in Gernsbach, Germany

Our "garden of life" is an intercultural meeting place that is farmed ecologically folllowing permacultural principles. Help us extending our community garden!

Frauke Kess
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About this project

The farm, Weidenhof in Staufenberg, Germany, is a meeting place for humans and animals. Here we have committed ourselves to help children, teens and young adults through difficult life situations. Since January 2015 we are governmentally approved as a carrier for youth welfare.

Help us to inspire more diversity in our garden project „garden of life“!

The community garden is an intercultural meeting place that is farmed ecologically folllowing permacultural principles. With your donation you are supporting the purchase of tools, the extension of our greenhouse, the construction of a kitchen for the preservation of food, and a new compost area!

We see community gardens as a milestone in the process of integrating refugees. Our meeting place „garden of life“ offers refugee families the possibility to become integrated into the local community of Staufenberg. Particularly refugee families without a residence permit or work permit are in a situation that can lead to feelings of pointlessness, frustration, and anger within the family. The children suffer from this as well. Additionally, many families have gone through traumatic experiences. In order to support the participants appropriately with gardening in a community we feel that professional psycho-social assistance is needed as well.

We enable all members of a family to find meaningful and fulfilling activities on the farm. Besides the community garden there is the possibility to help out in the workshop, with the animals or in the kitchen. This way, every age group is able to cater to their needs wether it may be cultural exchange, cooking, relaxing or movement.

While working together there are all kinds of things to learn from our trained gardener for example; growing vegetables, herbs and fruits as well as self-sufficiency.

We wish for...
  • to acquire newer tools as our current ones are old and not suited for the upcoming tasks. We feel that appropriatly equipping the participants will achieve a great result.
  • a kitchen for the preservation of food to be able to better conserve parts of the harvest. Thus a new sector of activities is created for interested participants. This way we can complete the cycle of sowing, harvesting and the use of fruits and vegetables in the most efficient way possible.
  • an extension of our greenhouse because to make working circumstances easier for us and to achieve better results in the cultivation of our vegetable plants. This includes for example automatic window openers for a better ventilation.
  • a larger compost area as we want to be able to recycle the great amount of organic „waste“ (dung, garden, kitchen and green waste) in the garden more effectively in the future.