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Funded Center for Culture and Ecology Quiané

Santa Catarina Quiané, Mexico

As part of a 'DesignBuild' university project we are planning and building a centre for culture and ecology in Santa Catarina Quiané together with the community and the Mexican NGO CAMPO a.c.. The 2nd construction phase will start in February 2020.

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About this project



As part of a 'DesignBuild' project, we [20 students of the Munich University of Applied Sciences - Architecture | Civil Engineering] are planning a cultural and ecological center in Santa Catarina Quiané in cooperation with the Mexican NGO CAMPO a.c.. 
In February 2020 we will realize the second construction phase of our project together with your help and the help of the community.
Our client is the small rural community of Santa Catarina Quiané in Oaxaca, one of the poorest states of Mexico. Rural exodus, poverty, migration, the
loss of cultural identity and earthquakes are threats facing the population. The community has a well-organized civil society and a vibrant culture, but no spaces to practice them.

The new Centre for Culture and Ecology in Santa Catarina Quiané creates a space for working, learning and recreation. The project supports the sustainable and ecological management of the land and promotes traditional and contemporary culture. In the first construction phase, an auditorium and a sanitary building with a constructed wetland were constructed.
The second construction phase in February/March 2020 concentrates on another larger auditorium and a new communal kitchen. Here the meals for 60 people are prepared by a different family every day.

CAMPO a.c., our local project partner, is an NGO that has been supporting communities and production communities in their social, economic and ecological development in the state of Oaxaca for 20 years. CAMPO promotes the self-confidence of the indigenous population and the exercise of their rights.

WE ARE ...

... 20 students of architecture and civil engineering at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. With the support of professors and experts, we plan and implement.
We will build the 2nd construction phase of the Cultural and Ecological Centre with the residents of the municipality of Santa Catarina Quiané.
The experience of building a project by hand in a foreign context,
not only enhances our professional competencies but also expands our
cultural horizon - A STUDIUM WITH EFFECT!


... to create a quality meeting place for the inhabitants of Santa Catarina Quiané - a place to dance, work, learn, play and, after this construction phase, to cook and eat together.


In order to realize the project, we need your financial support. With your donation, you make a project possible against poverty and migration, as well as the economic and ecological development and the strengthening of the cultural identity.
Thank you very much for your support.

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