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Arms for Mom

Lübeck, Germany

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Arms for Mom

Lübeck, Germany

'You know Mom, when I was little, you fed me. Now I feed you!' Mama Anna has lost both arms and legs due to sepsis, meningitis. One robotic arm costs € 50,000 and we want to give her both arms! Please help us, help Anna an her Family.

Carsten und Manni from Schicksale die zu Herzen gehen e.V | 
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About this project

Donation call: "Arms for Mom"

For a young fighter, Anna (23 years old), Mia's mother. With this call for donations, we would like to draw attention to the special individual fate of a young family, which not only has a tremendous fighting spirit, but also by their strength, love and bravery is outstanding.

How quickly his own life and that of his own family can be shaken has been a painful experience for Mia and her parents lately. On February 1 of this year, Anna, Mia's mother, contracted the disease "meningitis". Unfortunately, this disease brought with it a particularly severe form of sepsis.

For weeks, the family had to worry about the life of the young mother. It is safe to say that she survives, but she pays a high price for her survival. Anna had to be amputated because of the serious illness both on the arms and on the legs.
In this short time pretty much everything has changed for the young family. Instead of looking forward to the coming holidays, they must ask themselves how they can continue. First and foremost, her goal is to continue her life as well as possible and as normal as possible.

However, due to the special circumstances, this is only possible if they have sufficient financial resources at their disposal ...

We were able to donate the first arm. Now it's time to move on so that Anna can embrace her daughter and her family again!
Updated at 27. May 2020