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Campaign kick-off in Berlin - Patchwork Healing Blanket - BE PART OF IT!

A project from Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

BE PART OF IT! - Campaign kick-off in Berlin (June 19 - 21, 2020) The round-the-world blanket - PATCHWORK HEALING BLANKET - consists of hundreds of textile works by women and is a statement against violence and for a world worth living in.

M. Kirschning
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About this project


Birthplace of the art-action Patchwork Healing Blanket is Mexico. The motto is: Let's set a sign! - Ya basta! - Enough!" 
The action is directed against violence - especially against women and children - and against the destruction of our home planet Earth.
The Mexican women hope that the "Healing Blanket" will travel around the world after the action at the border fence.
                 They would like to come to Berlin with the project in 2020.
Hundreds of women worldwide have created textile pictures in the format 70 cm x 70 cm, which were assembled in Mexico to form a huge blanket, the Patchwork Healing Blanket. In January 2020, a large action took place on a central square in Mexico City. In April the blanket will be hoisted over the border fence by many activists near Tijuana and will be received and carried on the US side.
We are ready to bring the blanket to Germany in June 2020.
During an action during the festival 48 Stunden Neukölln we want to present the (Patchwork) Berlin Healing Blanket in a shopping mall and let it grow. We want to get into conversation with as many people as possible there and win over further project participants, because this is not a one-off action, but the start of a campaign.
Let's take the opportunity to join the Ya Basta! of the Mexican women and show that we are able to build networks, overcome borders and act together!

What do we use the donations for?
From March to June we want to offer several workshops where the participants can exchange ideas and work on their textiles. In most cases, the guidance is provided by volunteers, but we would like to invite experts (e.g. from the fields of gender studies, intercultural communication and textile art) who can offer new insights and stimulate discussions with their input.
Fees are reluctant to be financed by donors, but are necessary to guarantee a certain commitment and reliability in the execution of the work. We think it is also a question of fairness to pay people for their work. This is also a "women's issue", because it is still primarily women from whom voluntary work is naturally expected. 
Work to be done: a) The moderation of the workshops (10 dates, i.e. approx. 50 hours). In particular, we want to contact women with escape experience to participate in the workshops. b) Helpers for transport, construction, technical support, sewing work d) a film team with equipment. 
e) Travel expenses for Marietta Bernstorff, the Mexican initiator of the project, who would like to come to Berlin to exchange experiences and to conduct workshops herself and talk to Berlin participants in the week before the festival.