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Reforestation of rain forest and rural development in Eastern Madagascar

A project from Regenwaldgruppe Ranoala e.V.
in Anjahambe, Madagascar

Hand in hand with the local community, we have reforested of a relic of rain forest, facilitated the rural development and focused on environmental education in the community Anjahambe in Eastern Madagascar.

N. Göthel
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About this project

As a small nature conservation organization called Ranoala, we have been active since 2008 for the reforestation of a relic of rain forest (2 hectares) in the community Anjahambe (province Tamatave/Toasmasina) in Eastern Madagascar. Hand in hand with the local community and a Madagasy organization we achieved to reforest already 10 hectares surrounding the relic. In the same community we have realised different infrastructure projects as the construction and the equipment of the library including a computer room and the installation of a photovoltaic system. To motivate especially young people to engage for nature we supported the founding of a youth club called Analasoa Club in Anjahambe. There are interesting and lively exchanges between them and a group of pupils from a college in Altenberg, Eastern Germany. For instance, they have created together a polylingual homepage and there have been already some student exchanges on both sites.