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Please support our neutering project for feral cats for a better life

54655 Etteldorf, Germany

With our neutering project for feral cats and their descendants we want to improve their living conditions in the area of the southern Eifel-Region in Germany to stop their sufferings. Please donate. We need you help, we can´t do it on our own.

Jutta Gebhardt from Katzenhilfe Südeifel e.V.
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The strong increasement of feral cats leads to an overpopulation, as a result of which there is not enough food for all of them. As a consequence their immune system is weakened and they suffer from a lot of horrible diseases.

One single female cat can have up to 500 descendants within 3 years, 20000 within 5 and even 200 millions of hem in 10 years time.

It is our aim to reduce the uncontrolled increase in numbers and thus achieve a better quality of life in the Südeifel area in this region of Germany and to make sure that the worst and deadly cat diseases cannot spread anymore as bad as they do now.

In order to achieve this aim we need your donations to cover the vet bills for this neutering project. The Katzenhilfe Südeifel e.V. thanks you so much for helping.