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Support the Rhythm Against Racism 2020

Güstrow, Germany

Support the Rhythm Against Racism 2020

Güstrow, Germany

Also in the year 2020 there should be a "rhythm against racism" in Güstrow. Signs of democracy and diversity, against right-wing extremism and enmity. A concert with integrated family party in the city park of Güstrow.

J. Knoop from Rock gegen Rechts Stralsund e.V. | 
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About this project

who are we

As a local group of the RGR Stralsund e.V. we want to establish ourselves as an actor of humanistic education and cultural work in Güstrow and build up a stable group.  Our "Rhythm against Racism" festival should help to activate the civil society and to position against rights activities.  In addition, we want to use it to network local players.

 What should happen

 "Rhythm Against Racism" is a volunteer organized festival with concert of the RGR local group Güstrow, a group consisting of young people and young adults.

 In 2019, the project was part of the children of the better place foundation and supported it with its funding program.  Actors of the group were coached, received a prize and were also proposed by the Foundation for the German Volunteer Award.

 After the local group Güstrow 2019 carried out the first event with a lot of media presence and backing by organizations and state politics, one would like to draw on gained experiences and organize the festival and concert in the city park by 2020.

 There will be various music groups, there will be information sessions and information stands on various topics and local initiative as well as children's program, food and drink.


  • Set a clear signal against anti-democratic, racist and right wing positions for a cosmopolitan, humanistic and tolerant society
  • enrich local culture Increase the attract
  • iveness of the city for youth and tourism
  • Activation and empowerment of youth
promote intercultural exchange
  •  to establish our RGR Güstrow Group as a vehicle for democratic and humanistic culture and education
  • Promote international understanding
  • provide
a stage for young people and local initiatives

 Target groups

 Civil society in general but in particular we address the youth and all marginalized groups such as people with a migrant background and economically and socially excluded people.  In addition, we try to make our culture and education so that we can address and take as many people as possible.  Inclusive and inclusive, we also enable people with special needs to participate in our projects.
Updated at 18. March 2020