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Project "Adjoufou" - Support for Single Women

A project from Impulse for Change e.V.
in Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire

Project "Adjoufou" is a project for single women which are the sole wage earner of their families. They have different projects to improve theirs and their families situation.

A. Sawadogo
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About this project

I am a founding member of the organization Impulse for Change e.V. . Project "Adjoufou" is a special project which I would like to support. 

For this project we are working together with women of a local market in Abidjan (ivory Coast), district Port-Bouet. 

These women are selling fruits, vegetables, fish, traditional medicine, clothes as well as school supplies at the market, they are the sole wage earners. 

In West Africa parents are normally obligated to send their children to school, but there are no controls. For families, which want to send their kids to school, it is often an enormous financial burden. The costs need to be paid for every child, every year. Public support does not exist. For every child the families need to count with at least 50€, compared to the earnings it is a big financial burden especially when the families have more than one child. 

We are working together with women, which are the sole wage earners of their families. They must pay for rent, electricity, water and food and as well as the school fees for their children. With their booths and their sold goods, they can only effort the most required costs. 

All of them have projects and ideas for their future to improve their family’s life, but not the financial means to realise them. We have now nine project participants. They filled out forms with the following questions: current activity/profession, projects/ goals for the future, the amount of the required financial means and they should describe in their own words why Impulse for Change e.V. should support them. 

The forms can be reviewed at our homepage, as well as more pictures of our participants.